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18 Types of Teal

Teal is a blue-green color that is a shade of cyan. Its name comes from the common teal, a duck native to Eurasia that has a characteristic dark cyan stripe on its head. Teal is one of the original 16 web colors introduced into html in 1999. As such, it is extremely familiar to visual designers. The following are common types of teal color.
Dark Teal
Bright Teal
Common Teal
Deep Teal
Teal Blue
Tropical Teal
Egyptian Teal
Crystal Teal
Dull Teal
Dusty Teal
Empress Teal
Grey Teal
Marine Teal
Navy Teal
Pale Teal
Trumpet Teal
Teal Bayou
Overview: Teal
Definition (1)
A blue-green color that is a shade of cyan.
Teal was briefly trendy in the 1990s but not in fashion but rather in products and sports jerseys. For example, the operating system Windows 95 had a teal desktop background by default and the San Jose Sharks have a teal jersey as they were founded in 1991.
A reasonably common color for formal dresses such as prom dresses. This is due to its relative rarity in everyday fashion that allows the color to stand out.
As with cyan, teal is considered a calming color as it analogous to the color of water.
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