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36 Shades of Blue

Blue shades are hues of blue that have been mixed with black and other colors to produce medium or dark blues. Blue hues corresponds to short wavelengths of light in the range 440–490 nm. Blue shades are blues with low to medium light intensity. In nature this occurs in low light or when a material partially absorbs light energy such that a blue color appears to be dark. The following are common shades of blue.
Dark Water
Galaxy Blue
Ultramarine Shadow
Medium Blue
Slate Blue
Dark Slate Blue
Delft Blue
Duck Blue
Dark Blue
Resolution Blue
Polynesian Blue
Navy Blue
Midnight Blue
Aircraft Blue
Bank Blue
Antarctic Blue
Medieval Blue
Black Blueberry
Blue Night
Blue Opal
Asphalt Blue
Blue Bottle
Blue Ink
Maritime Blue
Blue Whale
Catalina Blue
Cetacean Blue
Erebus Blue
Incremental Blue
Interstellar Blue
Blue Coral
Maastricht Blue
Bleu Ciel
Navy Peony

Blue Shades

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Blue Shades
Dark Blue
Marine Blue
Midnight Blue
Royal Blue
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