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14 Shades of Peacock Blue

Peacock blue is a bluish green based on colors found in the iridescent blue and green plumage of the green peacock. Peacocks have a great variety of colors in their plumage such that it should be no surprise that colors named peacock blue also come in significant variety. Peacock blue was a popular name in the early 20th century, particularly the 1920s. The well known 1912 Color Standards and Color Nomenclature lists peacock blue and peacock green as separate colors with neither being particularly blue-green. However, as a modern color, peacock blue is usually imagined as a deep bluish green. The following are common shades of peacock blue.
Dark Peacock Blue #2
Peacock Blue
Ocean Peacock Blue
Deep Peacock Blue
Peacock Blue 1912 Standard
Dark Peacock Blue
Peacock Blue #4
Peacock Blue #5
Peacock Blue #3
Neon Peacock Blue
Peacock Blue #6
Peacock Blue #2
Electric Peacock Blue
Peacock Green 1912 Standard
The following image illustrates the color of an actual green peacock for comparison with the colors above.

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