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7 Types of Production Design

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Production design is the process of creating environments and artifacts for media productions such as films, television shows, theatre and performing arts productions. This can also include the design of digital environments and artifacts for animation, video games, virtual reality and visual effects. The following are the main types of production design.

Costume Design

The development of well-researched and functional costumes that suit the character, script and creative vision of a production.

Lighting Design

The design of lighting for media production environments such as sets. Includes practical lighting that serves a function and motivated lighting that helps to establish a scene and mood.

Makeup Design

The design of makeup for media production. This can involve visually transforming actors into characters including elements such as aging makeup and special effects.

Prop Design

The process of designing and sourcing objects used in a media production such as handheld items, costume accessories, furniture, vehicles and set dressings.

Set Design

The design of physical environments for media productions. This involves architecture, engineering, interior design and coordinates with other creative teams and technical teams such as lighting design.

Sound Design

The design and integration of sound such as ambient noise, dialog, sound effects and music into a media work.

Stage Design

The design of stages for theatrical productions, events and performing art.


Production design includes the creation of environments and artifacts for media productions including animation, live-action films, theater, performance art and digital media such as games.
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