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38 Examples of a Media Business

A media business is any business model based on communicating to large audiences. This includes any mode of communication such as information, news, entertainment, advertising, messaging and cultural works such as literature and art. Media businesses include firms that communicate directly such as a newspaper and those that design, produce or facilitate communications. The following are common examples of a media business.
Advertising & Promotion
Advertising Design
Art Business
Comic Books / Manga
Commercial Art
Creative Consulting / Creative Production
Design Consulting / Freelancing
Digital Advertising
Film Production
Immersive Experiences / Virtual Reality
Media Events & Conferences
Media Schools / Education
Mobile Apps
Movie Theaters
News Media
Outdoor Media (e.g. billboards)
Print Media
Social Media
Special Effects (SFX)
Streaming Media
Video Games
Videography / Video Production
Visual Design
Visual Effects (VFX)
Vlogs / Video Sharing Platforms
Web Design
Websites / Blogs

Media Industry

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