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34 Examples of Sports Media

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Sports media are forms of communication that provide sports related events, information, analysis, entertainment and live coverage. This includes traditional media such as broadcast television and digital media such as eSports. Sports media centers around sports coverage but can also include things such as a mobile app for athletes in training. The following are common examples of sports media.
Broadcast television
Sports networks
Streaming sports
Sports news
Sports magazines
Sports podcasts
Sports websites
Social media
Sports documentaries
Mobile apps related to sports
Sports movies
Sports talk shows
Live coverage
Sports events
Sports video games
Sports photography
Sports cards & memorabilia
Sports vlogs
Sports-related reality television
Sports cartoons and comics
Fantasy sports platforms
Athlete interviews and profiles
Sports books
Sports history media
Sports business media
Sports polls and surveys
Sports simulations
Virtual reality sports
Sports memes & humor
Sports museums
Sports attractions
Physical events such as a sports match at a stadium are considered a type of media where they attract a broad audience.
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