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37 Examples of a Media Event

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A media event is an event that is mostly intended to generate publicity such as news coverage and social media posts. These include political, industry, company, social, environmental and labor events designed to create awareness, influence opinions or produce results such as revenue or votes. In some cases, media events have other purposes besides publicity such as fundraising. The following are common examples of media events.
Award shows
Book signings
Campaign rallies
Campaign tours
Career fairs
Charity galas
Charity sports events
Crisis management briefings & visits
Endorsement events
Fan conventions
Fashion shows
Film festivals
Fundraising auctions
Meet and greets
Movie premieres
Opening nights of events such as art exhibitions
Photo opportunities
Political debates
Political demonstrations
Press conferences
Press junkets
Product announcements & launches
Public speaking such as a commencement address
Publicity stunts
Release parties
Store & restaurant opening events
Town hall meetings
Trade shows
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