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50 Examples of Media Production

Media production is the top-level process of creating media such as film, television, video, music and publications. In a large project, a producer is an executive who may direct and manage dozens of teams. In a small project, a producer may be hands-on such that they perform many of the creative, technical, administrative and business tasks involved in bringing a work to life. The following are illustrative examples of the work involved in media production.
Animation Production
Character Creation
Client Management
Color Correction
Concept Art
Costume / Wardrobe
Creative Direction
Creative Vision
Exposure Correction
Film / Video Direction
Graphic Design
Location Planning
Makeup Design
Managing Talent
Media Asset Management
Media Branding
Media Distribution
Media Financing
Media Marketing
Media Planning
Media Sales
Music Production
Photo Editing
Pitching Projects
Principal Photography / Filming
Production Budgets
Production Schedules
Script Read-throughs
Set Construction
Sound Design
Sound Editing
Sound Effects
Special Effects
Technical Operations
Titles & Graphics
Video Editing
Media product has three main phases: pre-production, production and post-production.

Media Production

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Media Industry
Media Production
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