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50 Examples of Independent Learning

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Independent learning is the process of learning alone without depending on social learning or detailed directions from others. This can be completely self-directed or can involve completing school assignments as specified by a teacher or instructor. Independent learning is a cornerstone academic skill that allows an individual to learn about things based on their curiosity and interest. The following are common examples of independent learning.
Art Projects
Book Reports
Case Studies
Coding Projects
Creative Writing
Cultural Immersion
DIY Projects
Data Analysis
Debate Preparation
Design Projects
Educational Apps
Educational Games
Field Research
Films & Documentaries
History Timelines
Home Projects
Independent Research
Interviewing Sources
Lab Reports
Language Immersion
Literary Analysis
Literature Review
Media Production
Memorization Exercises
Model Building
Music Composition
Online Courses
Practice Exercises
Problem Sets
Public Speaking
Research Papers
Science Projects
Solo Sports
Source Analysis
Video Lectures
White Papers

Independent Study

The process of learning on your own including preparation for tests, exams, interviews, debates or presentations. Independent study can also involve the pursuit of knowledge of interest to you or the process of refining and mastering a skill such as a language or musical instrument.

Independent Research

Performing self-directed inquiries that are systematic and methodical such as a science fair project or essay based on historical research. The term independent research implies that you chose the topic and conduct the research yourself. In a formal academic setting, this will often involve supervision or guidance from a teacher or advisor.

Learning Hobbies

Hobbies that involve a significant amount of learning such as amateur astronomy or birdwatching. As hobbyists can have great enthusiasm for a topic it is possible for the scope and depth of their knowledge to begin to rival professionals in certain areas. This phenomenon has increased in modern times due to the expansive amount of information on the internet and the ability to interact with other hobbyists online.

Learning Opportunity

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