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20 Types of Creative Learning

 , July 17, 2017
Creative learning is the process of acquiring knowledge and abilities using creative processes. In other words, creating theories, tests, stories, solutions, analysis and designs as opposed to simply trying to memorize information. The following are common types of creative learning.


Asking learners to guess at information that is missing.

Abductive Reasoning

Forming theories to explain observations.

Hypothetical Questions

Questions that contain imaginary scenarios.

Open-end Questions

Questions that allow for an unconstrained answer.


Working with ideas that differ from reality but are nonetheless useful in explaining it.


Asking learners to break things down into their component parts.


Games and exercises designed to stimulate improvisation.


Explaining things with analogy or asking learners to develop an analogy.

Counterfactual Thinking

Considering how changes to historical fact would have changed the future.

Creativity of Constraints

Imposing constraints on problem solving and decision making to stimulate creativity.

Tests & Experiments

Developing a hypothesis and then conducting tests and experiments to support, refute or validate it.

Thought Experiment

Communicating information as a thought experiment or asking learners to design thought experiments to support, refute or validate an idea.


Examining thoughts and emotions. For example, asking learners to explain how a musical composition makes them feel.


Developing future predictions with supporting arguments.


Asking learners to present an argument of a position.


The art of making information interesting. For example, asking learners to tell a fictional story that illustrates a problem.

Five Whys

Digging into the root cause of problems by asking "why?" five times in succession.


Designing a solution to a problem.


Designing practical workarounds as opposed to complete solutions to a problem.


Modeling grey areas such as tradeoffs.
Overview: Creative Learning
DefinitionThe process of acquiring knowledge and abilities using creative processes
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