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9 Technology Goals For Education

Technology goals are target benefits for the use of technology in a classroom, on field trips or in the home as part of a class assignment. This may be done in order to propose an investment in computing hardware, software and platform licenses. The following are the basic types of technology goals.

Computer Literacy

Provide students with experience using technology to prepare them for a digital world.
Introduce students to word processing, spreadsheets, databases and data analytics software to give them confidence with technology and skills using basic productivity tools.


Synthesis is the process of designing and creating things.
Introduce video production hardware and software in the media lab to allow for projects to create short films, documentaries and informational content.


Digital technology, particularly the internet is a potent tool of research.
Provide students with a safe and supervised internet environment so that they can research subjects and topics as part of classwork, work assignments, projects and interest-based learning.


Technology as a communication tool.
Introduce videoconferencing into the classroom to allow students to work on shared projects with our partner schools in Japan, Germany, Sweden and Canada.


Technology is potentially extremely engaging. In some cases, students who have difficulty listening in class are remarkably engaged when given a digital learning environment.
Use education software to increase student engagement with challenging concepts such as theories of physics.


Word processing is a superior tool for composition. Serious writers might use paper for ideas but few remain who don't respect the power of word processing.
Provide students with a tool for word processing to allow them to expand on their composition skills.


Technology can be used to achieve a productive goal such as drilling words in a second language to increase vocabulary.
Use a flashcard app on tablets to help students increase their Spanish vocabulary.

Classroom Management

Technology may allow students to proceed at their own pace while freeing the teacher to give special attention as required.
Use engaging digital exercises to allow students to proceed at their own pace to master a topic or review concepts they find challenging.

Technology Goals vs Education Goals

The process of setting "technology goals" is backwards. Technology is used to solve for education goals and not the other way around. By setting technology goals you may risk adopting technology for the sake of technology without a positive impact on education goals. Just as technology can have benefits, it can have negative impacts on the education experience and these can be listed as risks alongside goals.
Overview: Technology Goals For Education
Target benefits for the use of technology in a classroom, on field trips or in the home as part of a class assignment.
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