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50 Examples of Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong learning is the process of continuing to learn and develop for your entire life. People continue to learn from life experience by default. However, lifelong learning implies some special effort and commitment to continue to challenge your mind and master new talents throughout your life. This can include formal education programs specifically for adults or general education such as college classes. Lifelong learning also tends to involve much independent and self-directed learning.
Adult Education
Art Classes
Certificate Programs
Collecting & Curating
College Classes
Community Service
Continuing Education Classes
Conversation & Debate
Cooking Classes
Creative Games
Creative Projects
Creative Writing
Cultural Immersion
DIY Workshops
Dance Classes
Design Workshops
Digital Literacy Workshops
Graduate Programs
Home Projects
Independent Research
Independent Study
Industry Events
Job Rotation
Language Classes
Language Immersion
Literature Review
Mentorship Programs
Music Lessons
Networking Events
Online Forums
Practice Problems
Practicing a Skill
Professional Certifications
Professional Development
Technology Workshops
Vocational Training
White Papers
Work Experience
Writing Workshops

Continuing Education

Educational programs, classes, workshops and events that are specifically designed for adult learners. This includes adult education that addresses critical learning such as literacy, high school equivalency and English as a second language. Continuing education is also oriented towards lifelong learning such as personal enrichment and professional development.

Professional Development

The continuous process of learning in your profession and industry and developing your capabilities. This includes industry and professional training and certifications. Professional development can also include industry events such as conferences, professional networking and work assignments such as leadership roles.

Independent Learning

Self-directed studying, research and learning experiences. This includes direct studying such as learning a language by using flashcards and listening to podcasts. Independent learning can also include your hobbies, research projects, creative projects and adventurous pursuits such as travel.

Learning Opportunity

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