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70 Examples of a Learning Opportunity

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A learning opportunity is a program, pursuit or situation that allows an individual to develop talents, skills and knowledge. These include formal education, extracurricular activities, learning events such as a conference, life experiences, work experiences, independent learning and character building opportunities. The following are common examples of a learning opportunity.
Academic Conferences
Artistic Pursuits
Book Clubs
Case Studies
Community Involvement
Community Service
Creative Writing
Cultural Activities
Decision Making
Design Experience
Diy Projects
Entrepreneurial Ventures
Extracurricular Activities
Facing Fears
Field Trips
Films & Documentaries
Formal Education
Industry Conferences
Language Immersion
Language Lessons
Leadership Roles
Leading Teams
Learning From Failure
Living Abroad
Lunch & Learns
Media Projects
Music Lessons
Peer Collaboration
Peer Learning
Political Participation
Practice Problems
Practicing a Skill
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Research Projects
Risk Taking
School Clubs
Solo Sports
Solo Travel
Sports Teams
Staring a Business
Student Government
Study Groups
Studying & Homework
Studying Abroad
Theatrical Performances
Thesis Writing
Traveling Abroad
Work Experience

Formal Education

Structured learning opportunities offered by an institution such as a school. Formal education can provide extensive learning environments such as multiple learning programs, educational events, extracurricular activities, social interaction and research programs.

Extracurricular Activities

Clubs, teams, competitions and classes that students take while in school. Extracurricular activities can enrich school life and complement learning with more in-depth or diverse experiences.

Learning Events

Learning events such such as public speaking events, conferences, classes and workshops. This supports lifelong learning and independent learning. Learning events are also central to formal education such as academic conferences and competitions that allow for rich interactions between members of different schools.

Life Experience

The human experience itself is a learning experience including elements such as socializing, dealing with problems, taking on responsibilities and adapting to change.

Work Experience

Experiences in a job or entrepreneurial ventures such as a family business. Work experience can also include volunteering and freelance work such as tutoring.

Independent Learning

Learning on your own including structured learning such as a tutorial or online course. Independent learning can also include experiences such as hobbies, diy projects, creative pursuits and independent research.

Social Learning

The process of learning from others. Humans are fundamentally social beings that thrive in cooperative, collaborative and competitive learning environments. Social learning includes adversarial processes such as debate and challenging assumptions. It can also involve cooperative processes such as information sharing, building on the ideas of others and collaborative study, projects and research.

Character Building

Troubles and problems can be described as learning opportunities. The use of the term character building to describe stress, adversity and problems is often used sarcastically to denote toxic positivity whereby every problem is supposedly an opportunity. Nevertheless, it is true that the process of dealing with problems shapes a person's character. It isn't possible to build certain character strengths such as resilience and courage without some degree of stress.
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Learning Opportunity

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