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22 Examples of Educational Background

An educational background is a description of your educational experiences, results and qualifications. This is commonly listed on a resume whereby early in your career you may provide details of your education because your resume lacks work experience. As your career progresses, this section of your resume becomes shorter and only lists the details of the relevant degrees that you have earned including the school, dates attended and formal title of the degree. Educational background can also come up in interviews where early in your career you may expand upon what you learned and educational experiences that qualify you for a role. Later in your career you may simply discuss your major educational qualifications. The following are common examples of what can be considered educational background.
Academic Accomplishments
Academic Awards
Academic Competitions
Academic Honors
Academic Majors / Minors
Class Rank
Enrichment Activities
Grades / GPA
Major Projects
Non-academic Accomplishments (e.g. accomplishments in school sports)
Papers Published
Participation in School Life / Student Government
Professional Qualifications
Professional Training
Research Conducted
Schools Attended & Dates
Things You Learned / Studied
Training Programs
Educational background suggests formal education such as college, university or community college but can include informal learning experiences if necessary or relevant.

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