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9 Examples of Direct Experience

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Direct experience is the process of acquiring knowledge by fully and directly participating in an activity. Generally speaking, this produces more usable and vivid knowledge than learning about something with indirect experiences such as a game, video or book. The following are illustrative examples of a direct experience.


Experiencing something directly with your senses. For example, participating in a cooking class with its smells, sights, tastes and temperatures as opposed to watching an instructional video.


Physically snowboarding as opposed to snowboarding in a game.


Responsibility for managing a team's budget and objectives as opposed to learning about management in school.


Experiencing emotions with a real life experience. For example, an equity trader who has experienced the stress and panic of a severe market crash.


Social experiences both positive and negative. For example, closing a sale or delivering a joke that bombs in front of a large crowd.


Original thoughts that take you effort to discover may have more value to you than ideas that you learn from others.


It is impossible to learn a natural language properly without speaking with native speakers for many hours.


It is often said that learning from other people's failure is better than learning from your own. However, one's own failures may have more impact on knowledge.


Standing in front of a real painting is different from standing in front of a perfect copy. It just has more meaning and tends to make more of an impression.
Overview: Direct Experience
The process of acquiring knowledge by fully and directly participating.
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