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75 Art Things To Do

Art is a common hobby or learning activity that can include various types of drawing, painting, media creation, design, craft and sculpture. These include traditional arts that have well developed methods such as origami and free expression such as painting everyday scenes in your own style. Another type of art activity is to explore the art world by visiting art museums, taking a class or visiting galleries. The following are common art projects and activities.
Abstract art
Album cover design
Animation and 3D modeling
Architectural models and sketches
Attend art events
Book cover design
Chalk art
Character design – design a character for film, games or cartoons
Charcoal sketches
Chigirie – Japanese art method that involves tearing colored paper
Clay sculpture
Collages – compositions made by gluing media such as magazine clippings
Comic strips
Costume design
Decollage – compositions made by removing things from media such as magazine clippings
Digital art
Draw a caricature
Drawing/painting a dream sequence
Drawing/painting a historical scene
Drawing/painting a life scene
Drawing/painting a memory
Drawing/painting a portrait
Drawing/painting a still life
Drawing/painting from imagination
Fabric design
Fabric sculptures
Fan art
Fantasy art such as mythical worlds and creatures
Fashion design
Fashion illustration
Fashion photography
Film making
Flower arrangement
Found object sculpture
Genre art – depict real life scenes such as a street at a moment in time
Graffiti murals
Ice sculpture
Inkblots – spilling ink or paint on to paper and folding to create a symmetrical image
Installation art – art that takes up space in a room
Join art classes
Karesansui – Japanese Zen rock gardens
Kinetic sculpture – sculptures that move
Lettering and typographic design
Logo design
Make a zine
Mixed media – combining art forms such as drawings and sculpture
Monotype printmaking - prints made by drawing or painting on a non-absorbent surface and pressing onto paper
Night landscapes
Oil painting
Paper cut art
Paper mache sculpture
Pastel drawings
Photo collages
Pointillism – paintings composed entirely of small dots
Pop art – art inspired by consumerism such as brand logos
Reproduce historical artworks for practice
Shodo – Japanese calligraphy
Stop motion animation
Visit art museums and galleries
Watercolor paintings
Wire sculpture
Wood carvings
Wood sculpture
Writing and illustrating a graphic novel / manga


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