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31 Examples of a Journal

A journal is a space for creative expression, planning, brainstorming and documenting your thoughts, emotions and experiences. These have many flavors and formats that can be oriented to an aspect of your life, a project or a particular approach. The following are common examples of journals.
Artistic Journal
Bullet Journal - a short form journal with bullet points / charts etc..
Captain's Log / Sailing Log
Cooking Journal
Creative Journal - free form creative expression
Design Journal - ideas for designs
Dream Journal
Family Journal
Financial Journal - tracking finances, budgets, savings and investments
Fitness Journal
Food / Nutrition Journal
Goal Journal - a journal that tracks a single goal such as overcoming a problem
Gratitude Journal - documenting your appreciation for life
Health / Wellness Journal
Hobby Journal - e.g. gardening journal
Ideas Journal - brainstorming different types of ideas
Language Journal - language learning notes / progress tracking
Music Log - for musicians or music appreciation
Nature Journal - observations of natural world
Parenting Journal
Photo Journal - a creative photo album with notes
Planning Journal - schedules, to-do lists etc...
Pregnancy Journal
Productivity Journal - focused on time management and work output
Project Journal
Reading Journal - notes on what you're reading
School Journal
Travel Journal
Work Journal
Writing Journal - poetry / creative writing / analyis


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