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9 Definitions of Game With Examples

A game is a structured activity that is typically competitive and fun. The following are basic definitions of game with examples.
1. A competition that's played according to a set of rules.
Tennis is a game.
2. A challenging physical or mental activity that's intended to be fun.
She was good at puzzle games.
3. A structured form of play.
He was good at inventing games to play.
4. An activity that involves competition, strategy and struggle.
He saw business as a game.
5. An industry or profession.
The art game isn't for the faint of heart.
6. A talent or expertise.
She was at the top of her game.
7. A willingness to proceed.
He was game for a long road trip.
8. To manipulate or cheat without technically breaking any rules.
The upper class had gamed the tax system.
9. Wild animals that are hunted for sport or food.
The only remaining game in the forest were deer.

Game vs Sport

A sport is a physical game.


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