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55 Examples of Working Life

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Working life is the part of your life that you spend working. People may work for a significant portion of their waking hours for many years such that satisfaction with working life can be a major part of overall life satisfaction. This is impacted by your working environment, working conditions, workplace culture, job satisfaction and career opportunities. Your overall satisfaction with work will also tie to gainful employment and the sense that work is funding important goals in your life. The following are common elements of working life.
Building Relationships
Business Travel
Career Achievements
Career Opportunities
Clear Work-life Boundaries
Company Events
Delivering Presentations
Gainful Employment
Goal Setting
Industry Visibility
Job Satisfaction
Job Security
Leadership Opportunities
Learning From Failure
Networking Opportunities
Office Politics
Performance Reviews
Professional Connections
Professional Growth
Professional Networking
Professional Reputation
Project Work
Public Speaking
Recognition & Awards
Remote Work
Repetitive Work
Role Flexibility
Salary & Benefits
Serving Customers
Social Opportunities at Work
Stress Levels
Taking Initiative
Task Diversity
Vacation Time
Work Environment
Work Ethics
Work Friends
Work Impact
Work Locations
Work Schedules
Work-Life Balance
Working Conditions
Workplace Cleanliness
Workplace Conflicts
Workplace Culture
Workplace Health & Safety
Workplace Professionalism
Workplace Visibility
Workplace Voice

Work Environment

The physical environments where you work. This includes factors that make your workplace livable, safe and healthy.

Workplace Culture

Intangible elements of your work environment such as norms, attitudes and level of professionalism.

Working Conditions

The realities of employment such as workload and the terms of your employment contract.

Job Satisfaction

How satisfied you are with your job. This relates both to how your are treated such as the working conditions above and the pride, professionalism and effort that you put into your work.

Career Opportunities

The opportunities that you have in your working life such as earning potential, learning opportunities and chances to build relationships and extend your visibility in your profession and industry.

Work Happiness

Getting to the point where you find work deeply meaningful or fun such that it gives you a sense of being a productive and fulfilled person. This is not an uncommon state as many people feel that working life is amongst the most rewarding parts of the human experience. Work need not be complex or high level to be fulfilling as simple or humble work can also be rewarding.
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