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22 Examples of Employment

Employment is the exchange of labor for wages. This is often based on long term roles whereby both sides in the exchange have responsibilities to the other party. Employment can also be temporary, on-demand and indirect. This is often but not always based on a contract. There are limits and obligations involved in employing someone that are laid out in labor law. The following are common types of employment.
Executive employment –
employees with specialized contracts that may include terms that benefit the executive such as a golden parachute
Board members –
not typically considered employees but receive fees, retainers and other financial benefits
Tenure – employment with extra job security protections
Full-time employment
Part-time employment
Contract employment
Temporary employment
Seasonal employment
Remote work
Shift work
Permanent contract - a contract with no fixed term
Causal work - working on a as-needed basis
Zero-hour contract – employment with no guaranteed hours
On-call contract – employment where the employee is required to be available to work but is not actively working unless called by the employer
Independent contractor – working for an employer as a business relationship as opposed to an employer-employee relationship
Gig worker – working through an app or similar automated platform
Piecework contract – being paid for each unit you produce
Project-based freelancer – being paid a flat fee for a project, shifts risk to the freelancer
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