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15 Examples of Career Objectives

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Career objectives are a statement of your goals for your career. These may be placed at the top of a resume to make it clear that you are interested in a job. As such, these are typically customized for each position to show that your goals align to a job description. The following are illustrative examples of career objectives.


A construction administrator role with reporting and financial analysis responsibilities.


A coordinator position in a dentist's office with responsibility for scheduling, billing, insurance claims and customer service.


A retail sales position that requires friendly customer service and organizational skills.

Customer Service

A front desk position at a prestigious hotel that requires courteous and efficient customer service.


A lift station technician position with installation, maintenance, trouble shooting and repair responsibilities.


A facility maintenance role that includes electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry and/or welding work.


A chiropractic doctor position responsible for the care, treatment and progression of patients.


A senior graphic design role responsible for projects that include brand design, advertising and collateral design.

Software Development

A software development role on a fast-paced sprint team.

Project Management

A high visibility project management role with scheduling, project control, problem solving and stakeholder management responsibilities.

Program Management

A program management role responsible for managing senior stakeholders and a complex set of interdependent projects.

Information Security

A Chief Information Security Officer position with responsibility for security management, risk assessments, compliance, business continuity, incidence response and investigation.


An IT sales position responsible for building customer relationships, closing deals and managing accounts.


An IT Management position with project development, operations management and stakeholder management responsibilities.

Executive Management

A CFO role with accountability for accounting, forecasting, budgeting, internal control, financial systems, audits, reporting and tax.


Objectives are essentially a short pitch that demonstrate your interest in a position.


Career objectives are also developed for purposes such as career planning where they may reflect your career goals over the next 2-7 years.
Overview: Career Objectives
A statement of your goals for your career.
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