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3 Types of Career Management

Career management is the process of planning and improving your career. This is a personal process that is used to identify goals and take action to improve your quality of life. The following are the basic types of career management.

Goal Planning

Goal planning the process of identifying end-goals for your career. If your career is just starting this can be a process of evaluating your interests, abilities, personality and values to determine a career that is likely to be fulfilling and rewarding. Mid-career professionals may perform similar evaluations to rethink their direction and purpose.

Career Planning

Developing a concrete plan to reach career goals. This involves identifying a career path and set of actionable objectives in areas such as performance, experience and education that move you closer to goals.

Career Development

Implementing your career plan by developing as a person and professional. This can include areas such as habits, time management, performance, work quality, office politics, education, experience, relationship building, personal development and career change that are relevant to achieving your career goals.
Overview: Career Management
The process of planning and improving your career.
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