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47 Examples of Creative Jobs

Creative jobs are professions that require non-obvious solutions to open-ended problems. This can be contrasted with jobs that are close-ended such that they can be formalized with processes, procedures and policy. Competition for positions in creative professions can be intense as creative work is viewed as being self-fulfilling. The following are common types of creative job.

Fine Art

Fine art is art that is produced without constraints such that it reflects the expression of the artist. This is amongst the most competitive of all professions such that it requires unusual talent and/or promotional skills to thrive.

Commercial Art

Art that is produced to commercial specifications. There is significant market for commercial art. Common work products include advertising, media, concept art and decorative art. Professions in this industry include roles such as illustrator, colorist, creative artist, digital artist, 3d animator and production artist.

Art Director

An art director, also known as a creative director, is responsible for the work of a creative teams in areas such as advertising, promotion, theater, film, television, publishing, video games and digital media.


The structural design of buildings and other large structures. Architecture is considered something of an art but also involves engineering and consideration of commercial factors.

Urban Design

The design of cities including public infrastructure and major commercial development projects. An urban designer may shape transportation, parks, waterfront areas and other major features of a city.

Interior Designer

The design of the interior of buildings.

User Experience Designer

The design of anything that people use such as a website, app, product or environment.


Craftsperson, also known as artisan, is a broad category of professional that includes anyone who creates products by hand. This includes hand production of furniture, decorative art, cultural items, clothing, jewellery, food and household goods.


Tradesman is a broad category of skilled manual labor. Some of these professions allow for significant creativity. For example, a carpenter or shoemaker who creates work products of unusual value.


A professional who designs and cultivates a garden. Often aligned to a particular tradition such as English, French or Japanese gardens.

Cultural Professions

Professions related to a culture or tradition may include creative elements. For example, a sculptor of totem poles who practices the traditions, art and ceremony of First Nations and indigenous peoples of North America.

Small Business Owner

Creative talents are often useful to running any type of small business such as a restaurant owner who produces attractive menus, promotional materials and dining environments. It is also common for people to start a small business to make a career out of their creative abilities such as an artist who produces surfboards featuring their art.


An entrepreneur is any professional who seeks aggressive innovation. This usually involves a startup whereby a small firm seeks to scale a good idea. The primary difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner is that the latter doesn't necessarily seek aggressive innovation and scale.


The creation and preparation of food, usually in the context of the hospitality industry such as a restaurant. This can be creative where the chef has leverage to produce original recipes.

Pastry Chef

A chef who specializes in pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods.


A tradesperson who bakes food products made of flour, particularly breads and desserts. In a large kitchen, the baker may report to the pastry chef alongside other chefs such as the confectioner (candies), decorateur (specialty cakes) and glacier (frozen desserts).


Planning and coordinating the production of films, television shows and other media. For example, arranging funding and selecting a director and script for a film.


Writing screenplays for film, television, video games and other media.


A director is responsible for all artistic, dramatic and technical aspects of a film, television show or video production.


Actors in film, television, theatre and commercial productions.

Performance Art

Performers such as dancers and related professions such as choreographers and dance instructors.


An animator creates film-like scenes without a camera. This can be manual or digital. There are a number of other creative professions related to animation such as layout artists, storyboard artists and background artists.

Film Crew

The production of films, television and other media requires large teams of professionals known collectively as a crew. This includes a large number of creative roles such as production designer, set designer, lighting designer and costume designer.

Software Architect

Software architecture is the structural design of software. The complexity of software can exceed anything else designed by humans. There is a large difference between the work of a talented software architect and a mediocre architect indicating that significant creativity is involved.

Visual Designer

Designing anything that is visual such as a brand symbol, website or product package. This is a broad category of design that overlaps with other types of design such as graphic design.

Brand Designer

The design of the visual symbols of a brand such as logos. This tends to be a highly social profession that requires market research and the ability to pitch designs to executive management.


Marketing roles are often creative where they involve the design of communications, products, services and environments. For example, a product manager who directs creative outputs such as package designs and television commercials.


Writing content for marketing such as advertising, promotion, websites, social media, product packaging and in-store displays.

Game Designer

The design of video games including elements such as game mechanics, story, characters, visuals and strategy.


Writing fiction and nonfiction.


Researching and reporting current events.

Public Speaker

Professions related to speaking to large groups such as a health educator or a corporate communications role.

Public Relations

Public relations is the process of managing communications and relationships with stakeholders in an organization such as investors, employees, customers, government regulators, media representatives and communities.


A publicist generates and manages publicity for a person, brand, event or work such as a book.


Photography including commercial photography, photojournalism and photographic art.


The production of video without a large crew. For example, a video blogger who documents their brave travel experiences.


The composition, recording and performance of music. As with art, music can be based on free expression or commercial constraints.


A curator oversees a collection of cultural importance. This often has creative elements such as designing displays in a museum.

Event Planner

Planning events including private events such as weddings and public events such as conferences and concerts.

Fashion Designer

The design of clothing, footwear and accessories.

Industrial Designer

Industrial design is the design of products for mass production.

Floral Designer

The composition of floral arrangements.

Jewelry Designer

The design of custom and production jewelry.

Executive Management

Executive management such as a Chief Executive Officer have authority and resources such they are empowered to be creative. Some executives demonstrate creativity while others do not.

Creative Management

It is common for firms to create executive and middle management jobs that are specifically designed to be creative such as a Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Creativity Officer. This role typically requires a background in marketing or product development.


University professors lead and engage in pursuits that are arguably creative such as research, publications and lectures.


Teachers often have leverage to be creative such as designing ways to learn. Teachers may also teach creative subjects such as art, music and design.


As creative work is open-ended there is a great difference in talent from one person to the next. For example, one director may create a film that is viewed as a brilliant and priceless contribution to culture while another may produce films that are held in very low regard by critics and audiences alike.
Overview: Creative Jobs
Professions that require non-obvious solutions to open-ended problems.
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