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72 Things That Are Responsible

Responsible things are actions and inactions that demonstrate an appropriate level of care and consideration with respect to your roles and duties. We all have basic duties to others such as civic duty to our society. It is also common for people to take on various family, community, institutional, organizational and political roles that create more responsibility. The following are illustrative examples of responsible things to do.
Reuse & recycling
Conserving resources
Conserving energy
Paying your taxes
Paying your bills
Saving money
Supporting local businesses
Political participation
Being honest
Planting trees
Donating to charity
Reducing waste
Following reasonable norms
Being polite
Considering the feelings of others
Supporting others
Helping people through problems
Not making excuses
Doing homework
Being on time
Calling when you will be late
Canceling with sufficient notice
Showing respect
Not wasting time
Trying to be reasonable
Trying to control negative emotions
Not complaining
Earning trust
Being consistent
Being reliable
Admitting to mistakes
Forgiving others
Managing risk and avoiding excessive risk
Taking steps for safety and security
Trying to be understanding
Showing compassion
Being true to yourself
Being careful with money
Avoiding procrastination
Trying to be a good friend
Not gossiping
Responsible parenting
Caring for a loved one
Meeting commitments
Meeting deadlines
Asking for extensions in advance if you will miss a deadline
Being nice
Showing restraint in social media
Cleaning up after yourself
Keeping promises
Listening with intent to understand
Practicing good manners
Environmental stewardship
Thanking others and showing gratitude
Eating well
Maintaining your health
Being a responsible pet owner
Showing up prepared
Complying with reasonable rules
Contributing to community life
Being friendly
Trying to avoid biases and harmful stereotypes
Being respectful of differences
Maintaining peace and civility
Working to resolve differences and conflict in a reasonable way
Due diligence is the practice of putting the expected level of research, attention to detail and care into your work.
Responsibilities can overlap and conflict. For example, the responsibility to meet a deadline at work and to be a supportive parent can conflict due to time constraints. In the real world, responsibility is about trying hard -- you will have limitations, make mistakes and fail. Having your heart in the right place and showing effort can make you responsible even where you aren't perfect.
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