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What is Sale Above Advertised Price?

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Sale above advertised price is when a customer is attracted to a digital or retail location by a price that has been communicated but is unable to obtain that price. This is considered a poor ethical practice and may be prohibited by law in many jurisdictions.

Price Discrimination & Ethics

Marketers commonly engage in price discrimination strategies that seek to charge customers based on their willingness to pay. Such strategies may be completely ethical, such as a premium version of a product that is attractive to customers who are willing to pay more. In some cases, algorithmic pricing and other techniques that attempt to price based on data about a customer steps over the line and may be considered unethical.
Sale above advertised price can be used as an ethical guideline for pricing that states that once you show a customer a price, you can't charge them more.
Overview: Sale Above Advertised Price
Competition Law
The principle that once you show a customer a price for something, you can't charge them more.
Establishes a basis of trust in marketing communications such as advertising that is conductive to commerce and competition.
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