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5 Examples of Club Goods

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A club good is a resource that many people can use at the same time where it is possible to exclude people from using it. The following are illustrative examples.


Land such as a beach. Excluding people from a beach can be a contentious issue. As such, beaches may be designated public goods as areas of natural heritage and special value to the public. When this is the case, the public is provided access even if a hotel owns the surrounding property. In other cases, no such law exists and resort hotels may buy large amounts of land to ensure the public is excluded from a particular beach.


Infrastructure such as an internet backbone that can be shared by a large number of users.


Facilities such as a theme park that have a large capacity such that many people can enjoy them at the same time.


Copyrights such as a book that could theoretically be provided to everyone who wants it in digital format without excluding anyone. Copyrights are commonly protected with owners given the rights to charge for it as they see fit. This provides incentives to create things like movies, music, knowledge and software. Copyrights are eventually passed into the public domain such that they are opened up to everyone.

Digital Experiences

Digital environments such as a game or social media platform.


Technically speaking, a club good is non-rivalrous meaning that unlimited people can use it. However, all physical locations and things have limited capacity. For example, both a beach and a restaurant have a maximum capacity. The term club goods is commonly applied to large resources such as a beach that are often underutilized. For example, many beaches have never been filled to their capacity. Restaurants are not considered club goods because they are often filled to capacity such that they are clearly rivalrous.
Overview: Club Goods
Definition (1)
A resource that many people can use at the same time where it is possible to exclude people from using it.
Definition (2)
A good that is excludable and non-rivalrous.
Definition (3)
A business model that offers access to a high capacity physical or digital asset for a fee.
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