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11 Examples of Business Value

 , April 03, 2018
Business value are the benefits that a firm generates for its stakeholders. This includes a firm's long term ability to create revenue, products, services, employment, quality of life and investment returns. The following are illustrative examples of business value.


Durable goods that have productive potential such as a ride at a theme park.


Physical assets such as land and digital assets such as data.


The talent of a firm's employees. For example, a design firm with highly talented employees is generally more valuable than a design firm with untalented employees.

Social Capital

The network of social connections a firm enjoys at a point in time. For example, a sales team that have a positive relationship with a firm's customers and target market.


The ability of the business to achieve productive and creative results. This is based on knowledge, talent, processes, procedures, controls and systems.

Organizational Culture

The habits, norms, expectations and symbols of an organization. Formed by a firm's history and generally difficult to change. Used to explain how one firm may embrace change and creativity and another may resist change and be unimaginative as an organization.

Intellectual Property

Designs, techniques, methods, formulas, trademarks and copyrights that are protected by law or trade secret.

Brand Value

The value of a firm's brands based on factors such as brand recognition and brand image.

Competitive Advantage

Capabilities that allow a business to outcompete in a competitive market. This can include processes, systems, tools, procedures, methods, formulas, knowledge, talent, designs and relationships.

Products & Services

The economic value of products and services to customers.

Quality of Life

The impact of a firm on the quality of life of employees, customers and communities. For example, all else being equal a firm that produces a great deal of pollution is less valuable to stakeholders than one that produces no pollution.
Overview: Business Value
The benefits that a firm generates for its stakeholders.
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