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14 Examples of Digital Infrastructure

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Digital infrastructure are foundational services that are necessary to the information technology capabilities of a nation, region, city or organization. By extension, digital infrastructure is necessary to the economy and quality of life of a modern nation. The following are common examples of digital infrastructure.

Internet Backbone

The principle data routes by which continents, nations and regions connect networks to form the internet. This may include submarine communications cables and facilities that are used by tier 1 networks for interconnection.

Fixed Broadband

Networks that connect regions and cities with wired internet. This includes last mile connections to homes, businesses, data centers, facilities and infrastructure.

Mobile Telecommunications

Cellular networks that provide wireless broadband internet and communication services.

Communications Satellites

Satellites that provide network or information services.

Network Infrastructure

Other network infrastructure such as Wi-Fi networks.

Data Centers

Facilities that manage computing, data storage and network services.

Cloud Computing

Platforms that offer computing, data storage and network services on-demand.


Platforms for developing, deploying and operating software services. Often cloud based.

AI Platforms

Artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms, services and APIs.


Software that is primarily concerned with automation as opposed to being a tool for users.


Software that is primarily intended to be used as a tool by people including mobile apps.

APIs & Integration

Services that allow various platforms, systems and applications to work together and share information. In some cases, an API is so widely used that it becomes important to the normal operations of an economy.

User Devices

End-user devices such as mobile phones and laptops.


Robots, machines, sensors, facilities, infrastructure, products, vehicles and environments that are operated using an internet connection.


Digital infrastructure are the networks, facilities, hardware and software that are critical to a society, region and city. This includes the foundations of the internet such as submarine cables or domain name services that are used to lookup web addresses. Digital infrastructure also includes operating systems that may be deployed on billions of devices, data centers that run cloud services, platforms and APIs that are used to operate systems, services and traditional infrastructure such as airports.
Overview: Digital Infrastructure
Foundational services that are necessary to the information technology capabilities of a nation, region, city or organization.
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