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Information Technology Guide

The Simplicable guide to information technology is mostly lists of concepts, first principles and examples. We aim to make this an intuitive and helpful resource with broad appeal. Check it out below.

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IT Goals

A list of common IT goals with examples.

Technology Advantages

An overview of the potential advantages of technology with examples.

Education Technology

A list of common types of education technology with examples.

Information Economy

The definition of information economy with examples.

Business Technology

A list of business technologies.

Business Software Examples

A list of common types of business software.

System Analysis Examples

An overview of system analysis with examples.

IT Artifact

The definition of IT artifact with examples.

IT Strategy

A list of IT strategy examples.

IT Gaps

An overview of IT gaps with examples.

IT Capabilities

A list of common IT capabilities.

IT Modernization

An overview of IT modernization with examples.

IT Bias

An overview of IT biases with examples.

Technology Change

An overview of technology change with examples.

Technology Culture Examples

Examples of technology cultures.

Words To Describe Technology

A vocabulary for describing technology.
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