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14 Examples of Media Infrastructure

Media infrastructure are foundational technologies, services, facilities and outlets that are critical to the communication of information, opinion and expression. The following are common examples.


Data and communication networks such as the internet or 5G mobile networks.

Last Mile

Last mile is the infrastructure required to deliver media to the consumer's door such as an internet connection, newspaper delivery or cable TV service.

IT Platforms

Generally speaking, digital media runs on a variety of IT platforms such as a cloud infrastructure service or a content management platform.


IT and media related facilities such as a data center, broadcasting center, newsroom or modern printing press.

Game Platforms

Platforms for creating games and other virtual or mixed reality media.


Software that is used by end-users such as mobile apps for news, streaming media or games.

Broadcast Media

Media that flows from a single source to a large audience such as television networks, newspapers and radio stations.

Social Media

Platforms that allow anyone to publish media to the world such as a video sharing website and app.

Search & Discovery

Tools of media discovery such as a search engine or content aggregation service.

Streaming Media

Services that provide media on-demand to mobile and home devices.

Production Tools

Tools of media production such as a video editing platform.


Organizations and facilities that produce film, television, music, games and other media.


Facilities and services that distribute media such as a movie theatre.

Event Infrastructure

Infrastructure that is used to produce and deliver media events such as a concert or conference that communicates to large audiences. For example, a concert hall.
Overview: Media Infrastructure
Foundational technologies, services, facilities and outlets that are critical to the communication of information, opinion and expression.
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