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30 Examples of Industrial Infrastructure

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Industrial infrastructure are the foundational structures, systems, facilities and services that are required by industries. For example, you couldn't start a factory without connections to things like water, electrical, transportation and digital infrastructure. Industrial infrastructure increases economic efficiency and opportunity. It can also improve the resilience of a nation as it can reduce dependence on foreign supplies of industrial goods. The following are common examples of industrial infrastructure.
Airports & Cargo Terminals
Assembly Plants
Business Software
Cement Plants
Cloud Platforms
Communication Networks
Data Centers
Distribution Centers
Electrical Grids
Electrical Substations
Freight Terminals
Heavy Industry
Industrial Parks
Industry Regulators
Logistics Hubs
Ports & Harbors
Power Plants
Rail Yards
Robotics Platforms
Steel Mills
Textile Mills
Water Supply Infrastructure
Water Treatment Facilities


Industrial infrastructure includes industrial facilities themselves such as factories and all the services upon which these facilities depend in areas such as transportation, energy, water and technology.


Industrial infrastructure can also have drawbacks such as pollution or landscapes that aren't very natural or conductive to quality of life. For example, people generally don't want to live near things such as large factories, airports or highways but these are all good for the industrial economy.
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