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7 Examples of a Culture Shift

A culture shift is a sudden change to a culture. This can apply to the culture of a nation, region, people, organization and to super culture or subculture. The following are illustrative examples of a culture shift.


It is the role of each new generation to challenge the older generations and create change. This can be vividly seen in culture such as music and fashion. A generation can also effect large changes to the systems of a society.


Technologies can quickly change society and culture. For example, the widespread adoption of the internet in the late 1990s profoundly changed culture on a global basis by allowing anyone to publish information to the entire world where this ability was formerly controlled by a handful of media companies.


It is common for ideas, particularly philosophies, to radically transform culture and society as they spread. For example, relativism, the idea that their are no universal truths, is at the root of a large cultural transformation known as postmodernism.


Globalization is the process whereby nations become more and more interconnected. This process has been underway since antiquity but has accelerated due to technology such as aircraft and the internet. As cultures interact they change. For example, it is common for cultures to copy one another. These copies are usually imperfect, leading to completely new culture.


Leaders commonly try to change culture. This is extremely difficult to achieve as culture emerges with shared experiences and isn't centrally planned by a leader. Nevertheless, leaders may be able to influence culture, particularly in the context of organizational and team culture. For example, a CEO who fires anyone who doesn't embrace aggressive change may eventually defeat a culture of resistance to change.


Economics greatly transform culture. For example, an advanced economy that generates excess wealth allows for the pursuit of leisure and prioritization of quality of life. In particular, countries with a large middle class tend to have lively cultures as people have the resources to pursue music, dance, film, fashion, food and other shared experiences.


Media such as social media or films have a large impact on culture. For example, a film can inspire a change to fashion or values.

Culture Shift vs Culture Shock

A culture shift is a large and relatively quick change to a culture. Culture shock is the sense of being lost that is felt by an individual who experiences a culture with which they are unfamiliar.
Overview: Culture Shift
A large and relatively quick change to a culture.
Not To Be Confused With
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