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7 Definitions of Culture

 , updated on December 18, 2016
Culture is a word that explains a broad range of human behavior. In the past, culture was typically associated with a civilization, nation, society, group or place. In the modern age, it is equally common for culture to spring up amongst self-organizing tribes that have something in common. The following are possible definitions of culture.

Priceless Elements

Culture are the priceless elements of human existence that can't be assigned a monetary value or explained with cold logic.

Shared Experience

Shared language, values, norms, traditions, pastimes, customs, beliefs and conventions that cause people to identify with one another.

Human vs Machine

Elements that distinguish human from machine such as joy, imagination and purpose.

Human vs Rock

That which raises humanity above the merely physical aspects of existence.


Factors that give life flavor such as literature, art, music, film, architecture, food, sports, recreation, celebration and social iteration.


Complex human behaviors such as language, family, art, literature, ritual, religion, mythology, philosophy, technology, social institutions and traditions.


A way of life.

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