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13 Examples of Team Culture

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Team culture are the collective behaviors of a team that emerge over time as a result of shared experiences and leadership. The following are common elements of team culture.


Standards of behavior. For example, a team with a high tolerance for disagreement.


Humor such as inside jokes.


The way that criticism is delivered such as a team with a strong sense of saving face.


Regular tendencies, routines and practices. For example, a team where people are generally on time for meetings.


Traditions that give a team character such as methods of celebrating personal or team milestones.


Retained shared experiences such as stories that circulate within the team.


It is common for teams to develop a shared language that may be somewhat unique.


Basic expectations such as a team that expects a high degree of personal resilience.

Ethical Climate

How a group deals with questions of right and wrong. For example, a finance team with a strong sense of diligence and financial stewardship.


Some teams are focused on preserving tradition, routine and the way that things are done. Others embrace constant change in the name of improvement and innovation.


The degree to which members identify with the team and feel a sense of belonging and social fulfillment.


Faithfulness to team commitments and obligations.


The general character or attitude of a team. For example, a creative and collaborative environment as opposed to an overly political environment.
Overview: Team Culture
The collective behaviors of a team that emerge over time as a result of shared experiences and leadership.
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