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36 Examples of the Food Industry

The food industry is the production of value related to food. This includes more than the farm-to-table value chain. For example, it includes inputs used by farms such as capital equipment, niche industries such as health food and services such as agritourism. The following are major components of the food industry.
Agricultural Construction
Agricultural Events & Conferences
Aquaculture & Mariculture
Cold Chain Logistics
Farm Machinery
Farmer's Markets
Fast Food
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Food Delivery
Food Distribution
Food Ecommerce
Food Education
Food Manufacturing
Food Marketing
Food Media
Food Processing
Food Retail
Food Safety & Quality
Food Standards & Certifications
Food Technology
Food Warehousing
Health Food
Institutional Foodservices
Plant Nurseries
Seed Suppliers
Wholesale Food Markets
Cold chain logistics is the process of delivering things that have to remain cold at all times such as ice cream.
Fast moving consumer goods are products that are quickly consumed such that they are regularly repurchased. This includes most foods.
Food marketing includes marketing boards that work to increase demand for a commodity or product.
Institutional foodservices are services that are specific to an institution or organization such as a cafeteria in a retirement home.
Some of the business models above belong to multiple industries. For example, restaurants belong to the food and hospitality industries.

Food Economics

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