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Future Economics

What is Post Scarcity?

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Post-scarcity is an economy where the things that people need and value can be provided without labor. This implies that material inputs are also abundant possibly due to a circular economy whereby all things are reused and recycled. A post-scarcity economy has several implications:


People wouldn't need to store wealth for retirement. It is possible that property rights would be irreverent and/or non-existent.


Human labor might be redirected into education, artistic pursuits or to game-based competition such as sport and video games.


Post-scarcity implies that environmental problems are resolved as the environment is a scare resource. It is possible that a post-scarcity society would choose to build vast nature reserves.


Post-scarcity could potentially enable or result from exploration and colonization of space on a vast scale.

Wants & Needs

Post-scarcity could occur due to a change in the things that people value. Current ideas about possessions might seem absurd to people in a post-scarcity society.

Virtual Environments

Post-scarcity could occur if many of the things that people value are in virtual worlds where they can be replicated without constraints. For example, physical property on a popular beach will always be constrained but virtual property on a popular virtual beach can be replicated to meet demand.
Overview: Post-scarcity
An economy where the things that people need and value can be provided without labor.
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