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16 Examples of Abundance

Abundance is when a resource exists or is produced in large quantities. This implies that human needs can be met by the resource if it is sustained and distributed well. The following are illustrative examples of abundance.

Club Goods

A type of business model that provides access to large scale capital. For example, a massive theme park that can accept millions of visitors a week. This creates much abundance as people as groups can share large scale things that they could never own themselves.

Sustainable Resources

A sustainable resource is value that is never used up if it is managed well. For example, there could be enough clean air for everyone if air pollution were capped at some sustainable level.

Social Goods

A social good is value that benefits all of society such as a beach or park. These can be provided free of charge by a society and sustained to create abundance. For example, a city where people have abundant green space and the freedom to use it.

Creative Abundance

The observation that creative works such as art or culture can produce a great abundance of value. For example, a single artist who creates dozens of works that are viewed as priceless expressions of humanity.

Natural Abundance

Resources that are provided by nature at very large scale such as sunlight, seawater and space.

Modern Abundance

The ability of modern economies to produce things at great scale using infrastructure, automation and modern capital such as a combine harvester.


The observation that production of goods by human societies has increased exponentially such that the future is likely to produce extreme abundance.

Grey Goo

Grey goo is the observation that self-replicating machines could fill the world or universe in a very short period of time. This is a type of existential risk whereby superabundance of one particular thing could consume all other resources very quickly.


The view that modern abundance represents overconsumption whereby we are consuming resources and creating economic bads such as pollution at an unsustainable pace.

Resource Exhaustion

The mismanagement of a resource such that it is depleted or extinguished. For example, the extinction of a species destroys all future abundance of that species.


Some resources are inherently limited such that humans may feel they don't have enough. For example, time is viewed as a scarce resource due to current limits on human lifespans and the apparent one way direction of time from past to future such that a moment is never repeated.

Scarcity Mindset

The view that their isn't enough for everyone and that the successes of one person always come at a cost to someone else. This is a cynical view that views sustainable abundance as impossible such that no win-win solutions are possible. This is based on false dilemmas such as people vs planet and economy vs ecology.

Circular Economy

Circular economy is a solution to overconsumption whereby production becomes a closed loop that reuses all resources and emits no pollution.


Dematerialization is the observation that economic production is less and less dependent on physical resources as an economy advances. For example, an economy can produce an abundance of video games and virtual environments that are mostly intangible.

Abundance Mindset

Abundance mindset is the view that there is enough for everyone and that the successes of others don't diminish your own. This is also associated with the view that problems are solvable such that all human needs can be met in a sustainable way.

Human Experience

The human experience itself is extremely valuable and abundant. For example, a person could make many friends without much limit beyond your time and social skills.
Overview: Abundance
Definition (1)
A resource that exists in large quantities.
Definition (2)
A resource that can be produced or sustained in sufficient quantity to meet human needs.
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