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8 Examples of Diligence

 , updated on June 22, 2018
Diligence is the level of attention and care that you dedicate to your work or interests. The following are illustrative examples:


Responsibility is the duty to do something. Diligence implies a responsibility is conducted with effort and attention such as an aircraft mechanic who avoids distracting personal conversations during a task that demands attention.


Accountability is the duty to account for the failure or success of something. For example, a manager who closely monitors delegated work to step in and provide guidance if the work is substandard.


Adherence to a system, code, ethic, rule, process or procedure such as an aircraft mechanic who strictly follows a safety checklist as opposed to improvising.

Attention To Detail

Sensitivity to the minor details of a task or interaction. For example, a customer service representative who notices a customer doesn't seem satisfied with the answer to a question who asks "Does that answer your question, or was there something else?"

Work Ethic

Devoting your full energy to your work. For example, an equity analyst who gets up at 3 AM for an earnings call in another timezone who is still in the office at 8 AM.


Concentrating on the task at hand. For example, a newspaper editor who completely focuses on a demanding task for 3 hours without interruption in order to meet an afternoon deadline.


Conforming to the expectations and norms of a profession such as a sales person who is always polite and respectful towards customers.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the level of care that can be reasonably expected before taking a risk. For example, investigating the reputation and stability of a firm before signing a partnership agreement with them.
Overview: Diligence
Definition The level of attention and care that you dedicate to your work or interests.
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