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Academic life is the experience of formal education including the process of learning and conducting research within a structured institutional setting. This includes classes, completing assignments, studying, test taking, presentations and interactions with faculty members and classmates. The following are common elements of academic life.
Academic advisors & mentors
Academic conferences
Academic research grants
Acquiring and using required technologies
Applying for college
Applying for scholarships
Attending office hours with professors
Balancing coursework
Campus life
Career fairs
Choosing a major
Choosing electives
Class discussions
Class participation
Class presentations
Collaborative projects
Conducting experiments
Course load & homework load
Defending a thesis or dissertation
Evaluating sources
Feedback from teachers or professors
Field trips
Grades & assessments
Graduation ceremonies
Group projects
Lab work
Note taking
Online classes
Online learning
Public speaking
Research papers
School culture
School events
School orientations
Seeking clarification from teachers
Study groups
Study habits
Teaching assistant work
Test taking
Thesis or dissertation
Time management
Transitioning to a new major
Transitioning to a new school
Workshops & seminars
Writing essays
Academic life is more or less the studious component of school life that includes everything else related to your life as a student such as friends and extracurricular activities.


Academic life is the pursuit of learning and research in a formal institutional setting such as a high school or university. This is the academic component of a student's overall school life. The following is a basic overview of some of the demands of academic life.
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