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47 Pros And Cons of Homework

Homework is the practice of assigning study tasks for completion outside of school hours. This has always been contentious, whereby students and parents may argue that homework is low value, unfair, stressful or time-consuming whereby it takes away from other worthy pursuits such as hobbies, play and extracurricular activities. The following are possible pros and cons of homework.


The advantages of homework are that they give students time to master the materials and to pursue essential learning such as reading books that would consume copious amounts of classtime. Homework can also cultivate independence, research, time management, planning and prioritization skills. There is also a sense that it builds character such as the discipline to complete tasks that you don't want to do. The following are possible benefits of homework.
Cultivating study skills
Creating a sense of responsibility for learning
Building independent learning skills
Building research skills
Mastering a talent such as an instrument
Cultivating the ability to focus alone
Building study habits
Promotes self-discipline
Exercising critical thinking skills
Reading at home is critical to learning
Developing composition skills
Developing writing skills
Gaining experience with time management and personal productivity
Preparing for class
Freedom in learning such as independent research assignments
Building a work ethic
Exercising problem solving skills
Applying materials learned in class
Creating a sense of self-reliance
Integrating learning from multiple lessons
Engages parents in learning
Gaining experience with deadlines and priorities
Helps teachers to determine student progress
Reinforcing learning with spaced practice
Cultivates planning and organization skills
Makes productive use of time that might be spent watching TV or playing video games


Homework can consume a great deal of time and can completely transform the childhood experience from one of freedom and play to focus and responsibility. It is typically unpopular with students and often criticized by parents as well. This is particularly the case where homework is burdensome and perceived as low value. Some parents additionally feel that homework represents a transfer of instruction responsibility from teachers to parents. In a broader social sense, homework is a concern where it gives students advantages and disadvantages based on their home environment, level of parental support for homework and life burdens such as responsibilities or challenges at home. The following are potential disadvantages of homework.
Gives some students an advantage based on home environment.
The argument that homework shifts work of teaching to parents.
Homework burdens that create a dislike or aversion to learning.
Unimaginative homework assignments that crush a love of learning.
May leave students behind who don’t or can’t complete homework assignments.
Gives some students an advantage based on parental support for homework.
Consumes valuable afterschool socialization time.
Makes students stressed out or tired.
Consumes time that could be used for extracurricular activities and other diverse interests.
Reduces time for sleep.
A source of conflict between parents and children.
Potentially leads to negative views of learning, school and education.
Ineffective or irrelevant homework that is just busywork.
A burden for students who have other responsibilities or challenges.
Unfair group work situations such as work that gets shifted to one student to complete.
Lack of support where a student doesn’t understand an assignment or problem.
Takes away critical time for play.
Detracts from the childhood experience.
Takes away time for exercise and playing outdoors.
Represents an attempt to structure and systematize every moment of life or every aspect of learning.
Online homework that increases screen time.


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