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60 Examples of Academic Experience

Academic experiences are school related experiences that are relevant to future academic and professional roles. This includes your academic qualifications such as degrees, achievements such as awards and any experiences such as major projects that you feel are relevant to your academic or professional career. The following are common examples of academic experiences.
Academic achievements
Academic clubs and organizations
Academic competitions and challenges
Academic conferences and symposiums
Academic honors
Advanced degrees
Awards received
Case studies
Certifications and licenses
Class rank
Conducting interviews
Conducting surveys
Critical analysis
Cultural and language immersion
Engineering competitions
Environmental projects
Exchange programs
Extracurricular activities
Field research
Field trips
Fine arts experience
Grants or scholarships received
Group work
Internship experience
Lab work
Leadership experiences
Learning a language
Major assignments and projects
Media and publishing experience such as student podcasts
Meeting deadlines
Organizing school clubs
Organizing school events
Peer review
Public speaking
Publishing academic papers
Schools you’ve attended
Scientific experiments
Senior thesis or capstone project
Service projects
Sports teams
Study groups
Studying abroad
Theatrical productions and performances
Visualizing data
Volunteer work
Writing assignments
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