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78 Examples of Education Issues

Education issues are problems, challenges and risks that affect the quality, effectiveness and fairness of education. These include issues of access, funding, curriculum, standards and the learning experience. Education issues can also include opportunities such as new resources, technologies and approaches that can arguably be incorporated into learning. The following are common education issues.
Academic freedom
Access to education
Access to extracurricular activities
Affordability of higher education
Alternative education
Biased admissions
Childhood obesity
College readiness
College tuition inflation
Commercial involvement in education e.g. companies that provide curriculum and standardized tests
Community engagement
Cram schools
Declining academic achievement
Digital distractions
Digital divide
Drug use in schools
Education budget cuts
Education policies
Education reform
Education technology
Educator misconduct
Elitism in higher education
Equality and inclusion
Ethnic and socioeconomic segregation
Exam pressure
Excessive homework or a decline in homework
Excessive or aggressive collection of student data
Freedom of speech
Funding disparities
Funding for preschool education
Funding for special education
Grade inflation
Graduation rates
Health education
Inadequate school facilities
Internet safety
Lack of preschool education
Lack of school oversight and accountability
Language barriers
Learning environment
Online learning
Overcrowded classrooms
Parent engagement and involvement
Peer pressure
Preventing school violence
Privatization of education
Public funding for higher education with low effectiveness
Public funding for schools with low effectiveness
Quality of education in rural and low-income areas
School choice
School funding
School safety
Standardized testing
Student data security
Student debt
Student nutrition
Student privacy
Student stress
Student use of social media
Support for gifted students
Support for low-income students
Support for students from diverse backgrounds
Support for students with disabilities
Support for teachers
Support for vocational education and apprenticeships
Teacher diversity and cultural competence
Teacher shortages
Teacher training and development
Teachers' pay and benefits
Technology and academic integrity
The achievement gap
The home learning environment e.g. a quiet place to study and support from parents or caregivers
The push towards STEM education
Vocational and career education

Education Issues

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