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109 Examples of Intentions

An intention is something that you plan to do. This can be contrasted with a goal which is a planned future outcome. Intentions are more pragmatic than goals as you can control your own behavior but can't directly control outcomes. For example, if you want a particular promotion at work you can do everything right but the opportunity may still not present itself. Intentions are also used to focus on the moment as opposed to goals which risk thinking about the future so much that you miss out on your actual life each day. The following are illustrative examples of intentions.
Appreciate the Small Things
Attend (e.g. don't miss classes)
Avoid Drama and Overreactions
Avoid Needless Perfectionism
Avoid Negative Gossip
Be Accountable
Be Ambitious
Be Candid
Be Careful With Money
Be Curious
Be Fearless
Be Friendly
Be Fun
Be Honest
Be Kind
Be Open To Experience
Be Optimistic
Be Productive
Be Realistic
Be Responsible
Be Supportive
Believe in Others
Build Relationships
Celebrate Wins
Challenge Assumptions
Communicate Clearly
Consider How Others Feel
Consider Valid Criticisms
Cultivate Self-Discipline
Deliver To Commitments
Develop Mastery
Don't Be Quick to Judge Others
Don't Worry About the Small Stuff
Eat Well
Embrace Faults
Enjoy the Journey
Find Joy in Discomfort and Difficulty
Find Opportunity in Challenges
Find Peace
Find the Humor in Things
Forgive Others
Forgive Self
Get Out More
Have Faith
Ignore Unfair Criticism
Improve Work Quality
Keep a Journal
Lead by Example
Learn a Language
Listen With Intent To Understand
Listen to Intuition
Live Free
Live Simply
Live With Style
Live a Life of Aesthetic Value
Look For Opportunities to Grow
Make Reasonable Decisions
Make Things Happen
Measure, Improve and Measure Again
Perfect a Talent
Practice Humility
Practice Tolerance
Produce Revenue
Pursue Culture
Pursue Leisure
Pursue Recreation
Quit a Bad Habit
Raise the Bar
Remember to be Grateful
Seek Abundance
Seek Calm
Sense of Wonder
Simplify Things
Slow Down
Speak Up
Spend Time With Loved Ones
Spend Time in Nature
Start Conversations
Stop Making Excuses
Surprise Yourself
Take Calculated Risks
Take Time to Plan
Take the High Road
Think Logically
Thrive in Competition
Transcend Social Comparison
Try Not to Take Things Personally
Try to Solve Problems
Value Friendship
Value Loyalty
Visit Friends / Family
Work Hard

Good Intentions

The term good intentions is often used in an ironic or sarcastic way to describe unintended consequences whereby an effort essentially backfires. For example, pushing for a solution to an environmental problem that creates other environmental problems. This is based on the proverb of unknown origins -- "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."


The word intend has an indefinite quality that reflects how difficult it can be to align your ideals of how you'd like to be to your actual actions.
Intentions aren't commonly used by business such that they aren't associated with as much unimaginative orthodoxy such as the doctrine that goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Plenty of worthy intentions and goals aren't specific, measurable, time-bound or achievable. The idea that you should never target something that you can't achieve would appear to encourage mediocrity.


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