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7 Definitions of Concept

A concept is a general idea that is a basis for thinking, language, communication and learning. The following are basic definitions of concept.
1. A general idea.
He has aware of the concept of math but had little working knowledge of it.
2. A central theme of a work.
The client rejected the design concept.
3. An abstract idea that doesn't map to any specific physical thing.
The concept of freedom.
4. Foundational knowledge.
The professor misunderstood the concept of communism.
5. A high level design or plan that is lacking detail.
The design was due tomorrow and she had nothing but a concept.
6. A mental construct or intuitive understanding that makes the complex more simple.
The concept of the American Dream is key to understanding American culture.
7. Concepts are words and phrases that do not map to a specific physical thing.
Tree is a concept that can be used to get a general idea of thousands of species of woody perennial plants.


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