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7 Definitions Of Definition

A definition is a shared reference that is used to create shared meaning. The following are the basic definitions of the word.
1. An authoritative statement of the meaning of a word.
The definition of red.
2. A statement of the meaning of a word that doesn't rely on the word itself or a close synonym.
The definition of definition is a statement that defines explains the meaning of a word.
3. A precise and unambiguous description.
His personality was beyond definition.
4. The act of explaining things in a precise and accurate way.
She defined her requirements for the system.
5. A detailed and accurate reproduction of sound or images.
The speakers brilliantly defined the contours of the music.
A high definition image.
6. To lead the formation of something.
He helped to define the jazz scene of the 1920s.
7. To set the standard for something.
She was the definition of an accountable leader.


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