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7 Definitions of Complementary

Complementary is an adjective that denotes things that match well not because they are similar but rather because they are very different. The following are complementary's basic definitions with examples.
1. Things that are very different that make a good combination.
Wood and brick have very different material properties that complement each other in the design of houses that are highly livable, energy efficient and fire resistant.
2. Elements that mutually supply what the other lacks.
Opposites are not contradictory but complementary.
~ Niels Bohr
3. Mutually beneficial processes, relationships or situations.
He developed a complementary relationship with the product team whereby they helped him understand the product and he got them invited to industry events.
4. [color theory] Colors that are visual opposites such that they have maximum contrast with one another.
Blue and orange are complementary colors that have high contrast.
5. [marketing] A product or service that is designed to be used with the products and services of another firm.
Solar panels can be viewed as a complement to electronic vehicles whereby many consumers want to charge their vehicle with green energy.
6. [medicine] The combination of two different approaches to medicine, particularly the combination of modern medical practices and traditional medicine.
Many patients choose complementary therapies.
7. [mathematics] Two angles whose sum is 90°.
30° and 60° are complementary angles.

Complementary vs Complimentary

Complementary [above] should not be confused with complimentary meaning praise or things that are given out for free.


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