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7 Definitions of Opinion

An opinion is an idea that originates with a nonobjective point of view. These may be loosely held notions or can be strongly held beliefs. In most cases, an opinion isn't based on a rigorous investigation of evidence but it can be based on expert knowledge. The following are the basic definitions of opinion.
1. An idea or belief regarding a topic or subject.
She didn't have a strong opinion about the issue.
2. An idea that originates with a point of view.
His opinions about investing were unconventional.
3. A position that isn't objective or based on much evidence.
She believes coffee is healthy because it makes her energetic.
4. How a group or population view an issue.
The party ignored public opinion and was voted out of office.
5. A nonobjective judgement about something or someone.
She had a low opinion of him until he helped her father shovel his driveway in winter.
6. The advise of an expert.
My structural engineer says it can't be done but I'm seeking a second opinion.
7. An informal judgement that isn't necessarily strongly held.
She was of the opinion that sushi was unhealthy until her friend convinced her otherwise.


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