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30 Examples of Self-Concept

 , November 16, 2022
Self-concept is what you think and feel about yourself. This is developed with a process of self-reflection and by monitoring your behavior and results in the real world. It is also influenced by social feedback and how you feel others see you. The following are common examples of self-concept.
Character Traits
Core character traits such as loyalty.
The extent to which you define yourself as a small part of greater social systems.
Delusional Thinking
Ascribing yourself traits that independent observers would disconfirm.
Ideal Self
What you wish you were like. Serves as an aspirational vision of oneself.
The extent to which you define yourself as independent from other people and society in general.
Your view of your own intelligence.
A process of self-reflection where you query your own spirit, character, moods, emotions, thoughts, behavior and future potential.
Believing there are things you could never do.
Looking-glass Self
How you feel that you are viewed by others.
Moral Character
The degree to which you feel you are a good person.
The belief that you are open to change, experience and the realities of others.
Past Self
Your perception of who you used to be. For example, believing that you were shy as a child.
Personal Agency
The degree to which you believe you influence your results in life.
Things that you believe you could do with effort.
Resistance to Change
Self-concept can be somewhat resistant to change. For example, middle age people who half expect to see their younger self when they look in the mirror.
The ability to face negative things about yourself in order to improve.
Feelings of confidence or a lack of confidence.
The ability to monitor your thoughts, feelings and behavior in real time to shape them.
The credibility that you have built up with yourself. For example, knowing that you are responsible such that you can trust yourself.
A library of important memories that you maintain in order to stabilize your self-concept.
The degree to which you value yourself and feel others should do the same.
Social Character
Your personality in social situations.
Social Identity
Your social identity such as group memberships.
Social Status
Your perception of your social status.
Believing that you can do great things in some area.
Things you are good at doing.
True Self
What you are like when you're alone with yourself.
How you believe you will be in the future.
Believing that you have a problem or shortfall such as a character weakness.
Things that you believe about your worldview. For example, believing that you are conservative or progressive.
Overview: Self-Concept
What you think and feel about yourself.
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