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6 Definitions of Hybrid With Examples

A hybrid is a combination of things. This term originates with biology but is also a general English word to describe a combinations of technologies, culture, societies, processes, products and services. The following are basic definitions of hybrid with examples.
1. [biology] An offspring of two animals or plants of different species, subspecies, breeds or varieties.
The tangelo is a fruit hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit.
2. [general] A combination of two or more distinctive things.
Their music is a hybrid of hip hop and goth.
3. [technology] A technology based on two distinct technologies.
A hybrid car combines an electric motor and internal combustion engine into the same vehicle.
4. [society] A blend of two social systems, cultures or communities.
Social enterprises are hybrid organizations based on both the profit motive and the pursuit of social and environment objectives.
5. [business] A process, product, service or technolgy based on two or more complementary paradigms.
Hybrid work is a role that requires some time in the office and some work from home.
6. [language] A word that derives from at least two languages.
Automobile is a hybrid of the Greek autos (self) and the Latin mobilis (moveable).


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