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64 Examples of Management Responsibilities

 , April 14, 2023
Management responsibilities are the duties, functions and enduring goals of a manager. These can be specific to a role but also include a large number of duties that are common across any role that manages people, processes, business functions or projects. The following are common management responsibilities.
Goal setting and planning
Achieving team objectives
Team decision-making
Department or team planning
Team productivity
Communication to team and stakeholders
Work assignments and coordination
Performance management
Performance reviews
Timely performance feedback
Managing low performance
Clearing issues, resolving incidents and solving problems
Risk management
Budget planning and control
Forecasts and estimates
Stakeholder relationship management
Delivering day-to-day business processes
Delivering services to customers and/or internal clients
Project delivery
Work quality
Process improvement and optimization
Contingency planning
Workplace culture – shaping the norms and expectations of your team
Employee engagement
Talent retention
Employee and team related administration
Partner management
Workforce management – managing contractors, freelancers and partners
Performance improvement
Workload management
Resource allocation – assigning work and deploying resources
Meeting planning and facilitation
Cross-functional collaboration
Change management
Recognition and rewards
Knowledge capture and use
Compliance to policies, regulations and the law
Training and development
Process design and implementation
Capacity management – planning to meet future demand for resources
Succession planning – reducing reliance on individual contributors
Cost control and reduction
Waste reduction
Crisis management
Management and business analysis
Quality control and assurance
Strategic planning
Scenario planning
Industry analysis and trend awareness
Delegation and empowerment
Presentations and public speaking
Networking and relationship building
Client management
Customer relationship management
Customer service / customer satisfaction
Cooperating with other teams and sharing knowledge & resources
Business alignment
Executive communication
Selling the value and promoting the accomplishments of a team or department

Management Theory

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